Ten techniques for charge the lithium battery

If the users want to prolong the service life of the battery, the quality of the charger is ensured, and the charging technique is necessary as well, because both of them will affect the service life. The charging techniques are as below:
  • 1. Before leaving factory, the batteries have been activated and pre-charged, so they all take a little residual electricity. It's responded that the stand-by time is still seriously insufficient even the batteries are charged according with regulation period. If they are surely quality goods, prolong the regulation period and then fully recharge/discharge them 3-5 times.
  • 2.If lithium battery is applied on new digital camera, then the first 3-5times charge are called regulation period. The charge process should be lasted for over 14hours to fully activate the lithium ions. The lithium ions do not have memory effect, but they have strong inertia. With full activation, the battery can reach its optimum performance.
  • 3. When the indicator light on some automatic-intelligent-quick chargers changes, it indicates that only 90% has been charged. The charger will automatically turn to slow charge until the battery is charged fully. It's advised to fully charge it before use, otherwise, the service life will be shortened.
  • 4. Before charge, there is no need for special discharge, cause discharge in incorrect way will cause damage to the battery. Adopt slow charge more, and quick charge less. The charge time should not exceed 24 hours. The chemical substances will be "activated" after 3-5 times of charge/discharge.
  • 5. Please use those chargers from the original factory or with well-thought-of bands. Lithium should be charged on the special charger, and it's charged complying with the instruction. Otherwise, it will cause damage to battery or even hazard.
  • 6. The service life of the battery is determined by the times it's been charged and discharged. Therefore, do not charge when the battery still carries some residual electricity. When the digital camera has not been used for over 15days, it should be discharged completely and then recharged. If the charger has not been used for a long time, it's best to take it to a special technique servicing department to have it activated.
  • 7. The digital camera batteries can discharge by themselves. When not in use, nickel hydrogen batteries will discharge 1% of their residual capacitance, and lithium batteries 0.2%-0.3%. When charging, use special socket, and do not use the same socket with the TV or other electrical appliances.
  • 8. Do not expose the batteries to high temperature or chilliness. It will be a little hot when charging, and this is normal. But do not "torment" it by high temperature. In order to avoid this, it's best to charge it at the room temperature without anything covering it.
  • 9. The time for charge is not the longer the better. The battery without protection circuit should be stopped charging when it's full, otherwise, its performance may be affected by heat.
  • 10. The battery cannot be fully charged unless it's charged on special charger. It should not be placed on the charger for over 12 hours since it has been charged well, and it should be separated from the cell phone when it's not to used for a long time.
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