Routine maintenance for digital camera

The digital camera is mainly provided electrical source by the battery. If the battery is unsuitable or used incorrectly, it will be used up taking only a few photos. Replace the battery when it's used up.

There are many cautions in keeping and taking the battery. A new battery should be charged before use as it always is low battery or out of battery. The battery will be hot when it's fully charged, so it should be loaded into the camera after cooling. In order to prolong its utility time, when having photo or shooting, use LCD viewfinder as few as possible; reduce the times to use flash lamp; keep the integrity of the battery insulation, repair it with rubberized fabric once it's broken.

We should save the battery as possible as we can when using it. First we should reduce the unnecessary zoom. We can move the camera to achieve the same effect when zoom is necessary. Secondly we use the flash lamp as less as possible, cause it's a big power consumer. It's best to use viewfinder but not LCD display screen when adjusting the picture. The LCD display screen has surprising power consumption; therefore we use it as less as possible, because the simple shooting can be fulfilled with viewfinder. However, it can not be forced-out to save energy; it's a must when shooting in close rang. Remember to turn-off it when it's not in use.

Most of people may neglect cleaning the battery. Please keep the contacts of the two ends and the interior of the battery cover clean. Wipe it slightly with a soft and clean cloth.

Solution with thinner or alcohol can not be use to clean the digital camera, battery or charger. In addition, clean the contacts of the two end of the battery with a soft and clean cloth before charge, to ensure the cleanliness of the contacts of the two ends, and that the battery can be fully charged. Clean the oxides on the electrodes of the battery. Replace the battery when the electrodes are seriously oxidized or broken.

The way of charging has a big effect on the battery. Use a charger and a battery from original factory may be helpful to prolong the battery's service life. The charging time is determined by charger, battery and the voltage applied and other factors. For new battery (or that has not been used for several months), the lithium battery should be charged for over 6 hours, and nickel hydrogen battery over 14 hours, otherwise, its service life will be short.

If the camera is idle for a long time, the battery should be unloaded from the digital camera or the charger, and should be discharged completely and placed under the dry,shady and cool condition, and should not be placed with other metals which shall result in creepage or damage. In order to avoid short circuit, preserve it with protection cover when it's not in use. Do not preserve the fully charged battery in portfolio, pocket, reticule or other containers loaded in with metals.

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