Instructions on INTERNATIONAL Lithium battery

  • 1.To avoid short circuit, do not touch metal part with the terminal of battery.Keep rechargeable battery away from overheat or fire.
  • 2.Do not put battery where the temperature is higher than 60℃ or lower than 0℃.
  • 3.Keep battery dry.
  • 4.Do not place battery where there is mechanical impacts to avoid short circuit of terminal.
  • 5.Do not try to dismantle or reform battery.
  • 6.Fix battery on charger when charge goes on.
Use of rechargeable battery
  • 1.Use INTERNATIONAL charger or original charger to achieve best effect.
  • 2.The first three times charges shall meet the requirement of exceeding 12 hours each time. When the battery is out of power, battery charge is made.
  • 3.The performance of rechargeable battery will be reduced in low temperature. The duration of battery use will be shortened in cold place. To prolong the duration, the instructions below shall be followed.
    ①Put the rechargeable battery in pocket as preheat, and then load it into electronic device before camera shooting.
    ②Prepare backup batteries which have two times or three times duration of shooting. And make a trial shooting before formal practice.
Recharge battery
  • To charge battery effectively, the batteries shall be charged in the temperaturerange of 10-30℃; good effect will be achieved when the battery is used in the temperature range of 0-40℃.
How to store battery
  • If battery is out of service for long time, make the following operations to maintainits normal functions.
  • ①Charge battery completely.
  • ②Discharge battery completely by loading it in your electronic device.
  • ③Unload battery from electronic device and store it where it is dry and cool.
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